Cronox 2.0


Get your photocell timing system and start to train now!

It is able to count up to 1/1000 seconds!

Receive all your training in your smartphone via bluetooth to analyse it later.

✈️ We deliver it in two working-days

🔁 30 days money back guarantee by our return policy

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Photocell timing system Cronox-2.0: the 'must have' training tool.

This photocell timing system weights less than 2.3kg(5lb) and its 8xAA batteries power supply last for over 30hrs! This makes very easy to set up and to transport. Take it everywhere in any conditions. It is able to count up to 1/1000 seconds and is this high accuracy why this timer is perfect for sports where a few milliseconds make the difference. Receive all your training results in your smartphone via bluetooth (Android & iOS). As all your results are displayed in your phone, you can save them for compare later with your results of previous weeks or months. Forget to write everything down. Choose between A-A mode and A-B. Just press one button and change from taking times of close tracks to linear races. The all in one photocell timing system. Check how to set up in here   photocell timing system

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm

Main box
50 meters wire
2x photocells and its reflectors
4x tripods
Batteries holder


iOS, Android – Official Cronox app