Pro Cronox Gate Kit – BMX GATE & TIMING SYSTEM


BMX RANDOM START GATE kit for personal training. The perfect training device to get the holeshot.

– Official UCI BMX Random Start Cadence
– Fast and safe electromagnet gate drop
– Light for easy transport
– Bluetooth connection to be controlled with your smartphone or tablet
– Built-in high accuracy timer with photocell sensor

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BMX random start gate from Cronox Sports.

Our mission is to provide the most value at the lowest price, that's why we present you the CRONOX BMX GATE system kit.

What is include?
- Electronic controller
- Electromagnet
- Gate support and main arm
- Batterý and charger
- Photocell kit for timing

Key features:
- UCI Random BMX cadence
- Built-in high accurate timer displayed on app, with automatically storage in the cloud
- Riders management
- Plans and designs to build your own gate easily
- Connect more than one gate to maximize your training experience
- Reaction time adjust - select to drop the gate on the green, red or orange light

How it works?
- Attach the system to a simple wooden ramp. You can download our ramp plans here.
- Connect the batteries.
- Connect the system to our RANDOM GATE APP by bluetooth.
- Press start on the app and ENJOY!

You will need:
- Smartphone or tablet with bluetooth to control the gate
- Wooden ramp to atach the system (You can download our ramp plans here)