The Cronox timing system

Discover the technology behind the Cronox timing systems

cronox 3.0 unboxing


Preccision, reliablity and simplicity. That’s the experience of working with Cronox timing systems

0.0015 seconds of accuracy

All timing devices have high accurate sensors, measuring athletes up to the millisecond.

Light and compact

Take the sytem wherever you go.

Two timing modes

Use it in linear races with Mode AB or circular tracks with mode AA

bluetooth 4.0

All systems included bluetooth low energy 4.0 for connecting with your smartphone or tablet. Receive all the data directly on your device, forget about manually take notes of the trainings.

wireless timing gates
photocell timing system

include intermediate timing

Radio connection allows to include extra intermediate timing in all your devices.

Use split times in Mode AA and Mode AB.

Different parts of the wireless timing systems

Different parts of the non-wireless timing systems

The Cronox App

Recover all your data in your smartphone, tablet or PC

Time recover

Live timing display

Connect via bluetooth to your Cronox device and start receiving times. It is as easy as it sounds.

Your Athletes data

Manage your athletes

Add as many athletes to a training sessions, store their results in order and recover them later

timing gates app

Time recover

Recover session data on the phone and statistics

Look for your session details and analyze your results.

multi system

One account, all your devices

All data is saved automatically on your account, login in other devices or in the app.cronox-sports.com website.

bmx random gate timer

Time recover

Train reaction times

App contains timer triggers for measuring your reaction times.

Use your system on Mode AB, use the app voice as the trigger, the sensor A as split timing and the B sensor as the finish line


What do our customers think?

Perfect for sprint and agility training. It’s affordable and functional.

Andreas Lancissi

Track and Field Athlete

Great system and easy to use. I use it for bmx events mainly and works as expected.

Peter Pana

Events organizer

Combining science and sport in training for obtaining my athletes top preparation

Leban Rene

Performance coach

Timing is a must in our sport. With Cronox I can measure my athletes on track and outside the track.

Andrés Fuentes

BMX coach

Perfect for sprint and agility training. It’s affordable and functional.

Mateo P.

Direttore Tecnico

Nothing better than training with a professional timing system.

Miriea Bañuls

Pro Frestyle slalom Skater and coach

It works great. Thank you for providing the timing gates for such price, I am a PhD student, and I bought it for the reseach work in sports


PhD Student

I train agility and explosive test as illinois test and T-test. Cronox is just perfect with Mode AA

Massimo Bonneti

Tennis player