Photocell timing gates system

Cronox timing gates systems measures your perfomance data and helps you analyze your training results.

World’s top athletes know: You improve what you measure.

timing gates



Cronox Sports was born in 2017 with one goal, develope the perfect timing system for amateurs and professional athletes, making it affordable to everybody, accurate, quick to set up and data centered to analyze every result.

After many hours of development and three years of continous improvement we are proud to continue providing top qualitiy photocell timing systems all over the world.

Do you want to take your trainings to the next level. Let us help you.

Are you ready to success?



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Cronox 3.0 – WIRELESS

The ultimate Cronox Sports timing system. Wireless, but as accurate as always.

Time to check your improvements, isn’t it?


Cronox 2.0

Get your photocell timing system and start to train now!

It is able to count up to 1/1000 seconds!

Receive all your training in your smartphone via bluetooth to analyse it later.


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