Sprint gates. Why do I need them?

Sprint gates allows coaches and riders measure every training.πŸ†

Choosing sprint gates will depend on the kind of sport we are interested in, we should take into account the following:

βœ… Circular vs. linear races: Circular tracks only require one sprint gate, while linear races requires at least two.

βœ… Range: In case we will use in linear races we should consider the maximum distance to cover, from start to finish line. For example: Wire options are fine to distances less than 100m, however, for larger distances, a wireless timing system will be much recommended.

βœ… Data storage: We will manage tens of timing results, so an easy way to visualize every result and save it is a must.

sprint gates

Check out our timing systems ☝☝  All of them includes: Bluetooth app timing results display, data storage and AB-Mode/AA-Mode

Once an athlete has learnt any sport fundamental, the learning curve starts to flatten. Is in this moment when high precision tools as sprint gates are needed.

The improvements from this point are less clear and fighting against the clock is crucial.

Let’s do this exercise, try to stop this timer at 3:00 seconds. Did you do it on first try?


NOTE: 9.81 seconds (Usain Bolt #1 at RIO16) vs 10.06 seconds (Trayvon Bromell #8 at RIO16), you have a very small margin for error πŸ˜‰πŸ†

At Cronox Sports we want to help you. We have created a live demo talk, where we will meet you 1-to-1. There, we will show you our sprint gates and answer your questions. We want to change the cold of buying online, into a great experience.

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