FAQ – Frecuently Asked Questions

Can I recover the data in my PC?

Yes. You can recover you timing sessions on app.cronox-sport.com All the data received on your official iOS or Android app, is automatically sync in your account. Afterwards, you can recover the data on the PC, check it and dowload it on CSV.

How do I see the times?

Using your tablet or smartphone. Cronox official app is available for Android and iOS

How does the warranty work?

We provide a 2 years warranty.

How far can I set the photocell and its reflector?

You can set up the photocell and its reflector up to 3 meters. Avoid direct sunlight into the sensors.

How does the wireless system work? (Cronox 3.0 and more)

Comunication between start and finish line is via radio. It allows to have over 700 meters of connectivity in open field areas.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Add the product to your cart for checking the shipping cost. In case it doesn’t, contact us.

Which are the two modes of timing?

There are two timing modes.

  1. A-B MODE: It consists in one photocell in the start, and the other in the finish line. Both are connected to the main box by the wire extension.
  2. A-A MODE: Only one photocell required. It’s perfect for circular tracks, and full laps. Where the start and the finsih line are the same.
Is it portable?

YES, it works with 8xAA batteries and it last for over 30 Hrs.

Can I share the results ON LIVE to other participants?

Yes. The app has the funcionality of uploading to the internet the results under a custom link. You can share the link to other people so they can check the results on the go.

For doing so, when creating a session you has to mark the ‘public session’ checkbox, it will generate a shareable custom link.

Does the app have any subscription fee?

No. App is part of the timing system, we don’t have any subscription fee or extra payment after you get your Cronox device.