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YES, it works with 8xAA batteries and it last for over 30 Hrs.

There are two timing modes.

  1. A-B MODE: It consists in one photocell in the start, and the other in the finish line. Both are connected to the main box by the wire extension.
  2. A-A MODE: Only one photocell required. It’s perfect for circular tracks, and full laps. Where the start and the finish are the same.

YES, the price includes a 50m extension wire.

YES. You can recover you timing sessions on app.cronox-sport.com (only for Android phones). For iOS you should export the timing results into a .csv file.

Here are two videos showing the proccess.

The wireless timing system Cronox 3.0 sends signals via radio. In open areas its range is almost 1000 meters and it synchronises itself.

Cronox 2.0 and more timers are available with all devices with our official app(Android, Apple and laptops).

They are 20cm tall. Just perfect to get nice data, more stable and very light.

YES, we can ship our products all around the world. Remember shipping cost are not included. You can check the shipping cost once you add it to the shopping bag, otherwise contact us!

You can set up for 4 meters. In order to have better signal avoid direct sunlight into the photocells and the reflectors.

We provide a 2 years warranty. You should contact us to start the return process.

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