BMX Gate Start

BMX gate start, build your own portable starting gate and improve your random bmx starting technique.

The most affordable BMX gate. Get your kit , set it up in minutes and build your own BMX racing random start gate

BMX Gate Starting System

Help BMX racers improve their gate technique and performance through an authentic training experience.




Cronox Bmx Gate Start connects to your phone or tablet – not only controlling the starting gate but also receiving times and many more.

Once you have set the KIT into a wooden or metal ramp.

1. Plug the batteries

2. Connect via bluetooth

3. Play the cadence in the app and enjoy training!

Resources for Racers

Measure Your Progress

You don’t have to worry about losing the results, through the APP you’ll have access to the time record of all your practices. You’ll always have the information at hand and you’ll be able to track your progress.

Start Gate Benefits

Train at home bmx gate sessions, correct the position, measure your sprint times and many more.

If you are able to follow IKEA instructions, these BMX kits are a piece of a cake for you.

Simultaneous Start Gates Activation

You can train alone or with a partner. The Cronox’s BMX start gate system allows you to activate two gates at the same time, you have complete activation synchronization between the gates.


What is included in Cronox BMX start?


  • Cronox electronic hub
  • Electromagnet and metal holder
  • Front plate
  • Metal arm
  • Hinges
  • Screws
  • Cronox bluetooth random start app
  • User manual
  • Digital ramp plans and designs
cronox bmx gate start kit

The perfect kit for my BMX starting gates. It’s fully compatible with my Cronox timing system which makes this BMX Start Gate my top training tool

Yago Sánchez, Spanish junior national champion

bmx racer start gate


Place your order online and get access to the Cronox BMX gate start system