Timing gates for soccer coaches is becoming the perfect training tool.

The first step in coaching a new team is to identify the underlying principles that motivate, inspire or empower them. However, it’s this basic data analysis that speeds up the process of getting to know a team and leveraging their learning curve. Metrics are more important than numbers but the purpose is to identify the underlying principles at a fundamental level. Here is the point where timing gates for soccer becomes important.

Knowing the true foundation for a sport is an extremely important aspect of a successful strategy. This step in the process means that the analysis of the sport runs in accordance with the principles of the players. On the field, it is in part the internal function of the coaches, obtaining the best physical conditions of the players. They have data and the analysis goes in one direction or another. The goal is to understand the principles and apply them in a larger sense. This was not an easy task because this data sets were thousands of words: “I feel good” or “I think I am faster than last month”. However, nowadays is quite easy to get rigorous test and timing results.

On the other hand, any data  must be examined in the correct way. Knowing the nuances of a sport, particularly the nuances such as pace, is more than a simple analysis. Hence, everytime should be questioned in order to find the reason of that result.

photocell timing system

A pair of timing gates

“Players will have more power to analyze their trainings”

With the addition of data, players will have more power to analyze the shots available. This data has been collected at different levels and, once it is analyzed, the player will become a star. Players will track their perfomance easily. They will look for “hothotballs” and “midges”. This is the moment where a player tends to miss, i.e. when the nutrition. The next moment is where the ball was hit. The last moment will come when the player misses three steps.The data will be used to build up strength ratios for the hitter and for the defender.

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