Soccer timing gates

Improving soccer players physical perfomance is a key factor to became a better footballer. We do believe in soccer timing gates as the perfect toool to measure the improvement of each player.

Soccer timing gates

Why do you need a photocell timing system?

  1. Measuring if your specific training is doing its job. Does really help the player in acceleration and top speed?
  2. Develop new training plans based on timing sessions results.
  3.  Motivation. Soccer timing gates motivate each player with the team and with themselves. When a timing session is done, everybody is going at 100%.


We have two different timing system models. All of them are photocell based. First we have the most basic one, it is the wire connected option between the start and the finsih line. This is perfect for short distances (between 0-100m). However, going for larger distances make the second model -the wireless timing system- a better option. It will cover up to 800 meters of distance between start and finish line.

How to choose the perfect laser timing system?

    1. Distance you may need to measure. For shorter distances the Cronox 2.0 (wired) is a perfect solution.
    2. Time to prepare the setup. While the wired version does not take more than 5 minutes, the wireless version is super fast to assembly everything and more easy to trasnport.

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