Horse timing system and speed training

Race horses could achieve a speed improvement due to anaerobic exercises and a precise horse timing system.

All horses running in a race using a horse timing system

For starters, a study from the national university of Litoral, Argentina has proven how anaerobic exercises in horse training could improve horse speed by an average above a meter per second. In fact, anaerobic exercises have far more benefits apart from speed upturn. Namely, the study has revealed better horse stamina, a growth in muscular diameter and a strike length increase. Main bases for a perfect horse race indeed.

Hence, proper speed training must be done first using a horse timing system. Series of exercises in a period no shorter than 8 weeks. Equally important is being able to measure and control the training timings. The best option to see the results in a precise way is by using a timing gate system. As a result, the data collected from a sprint gate will serve to gather improvement information.

Horse timing system

The photocell timing gate system is the perfect option for an accurate speed training. Timing with a precision up to a millisecond and loading the results into the app for an easier timing control. This sytem will allow riders to perform the speed horse training with no need of assistance for help, since all the timed speeds will be recorded in the  mobile phone app.

The horse training anaerobic exercises consists of a hundred meter sprint sequences during an eight week period of time with the following specs:

Week periodNº Sprints per sessionTime between sprints
1      1-2                2          10 minutes
2      3-4                3          10 minutes
3      5-6                4          10 minutes
4      7-8                5          10 minutes

Furthermore, for some more information about this type of training, other experts opinions of the type of training click below. For details about the timing sistem in horse training please ask. Concerning question about the photocell timing system please contact us at any time.

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