Bmx gate start new app

This bmx random gate start app is made for BMX racers who want to practice their bmx starting skills.

It’s well known that the starting gate is the only moment in a race when you can pass over 7 riders at the same time, so be trained for this moment is crucial.

We have lunch a new Android app for practice the official UCI bmx random gate cadence.

bmx gate start

Screenshot of the app

Some starting options are available:

  • Countdown time to start the gate with a delay
  • Auto-start: To keep doing sprints over and over.

This app is totally FREEĀ and you can download it here:

Download app

When will be the iOS app available? Quite soon, we are working on it right know. The iOS app will be totally free as well.

Do you have any questions or suggestions to improve the app? Let us know on our email or by whatsapp.

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