Agility training

To improve agility the perfect exercise must work on speed, aceleracion, balance and coordination. In order to get better, working all this aspects, together or separatly, make a good agility training work out. However, without measuring it can not be possible to improve.

The easiest way to time these type of exercise is using a timing gate system. This way, athletes obtein immediate and precise results to contrast their previous rounds and allow improvement.

Agility exercises

There are plenty of exercises made to improve agility. Some of them are specific to improve caracteristics of one sport, but most serve for training regardless the sport. Some of these exercise are:

  • Reactive shuttle: Athlete must complete an agility circuit running left or right in response to a stimulus.

Agility training

  • T- test: Running in a T form course involving foward, backward and sideways sprinting.Agility training
  • 505 Agility test/ Illinois agility test: Circuit with twirls, in order to practice different direction turns and different angles.

Agility training

  •  20 yard shuttle (5-10-5): Run 5 yards, back 10 yards and back again 5 yards, touching the line with a hand.

20 Yards | Rogers Athletic

  • 40 yard shuttle run: Sprint 10 yards four times touching the turn around line with the foot and hand simultaneosly.

40 Yard Shuttle Run Agility Test

Five perfect exercises to train agility while using a timing gate systems.

Besides gaining agility with these exercises, a KO system start works perfectly in these situations, since it enhences the benefits the agility training. In order to use it, just press the botton and it will give a random start. The main benefits of a random start are:

  1. Development of movement anticipation sequence and accurate timing.
  2. Improvement in concentration and focus abilities, specially to set the mind for quikly movement reactions in accurate timing and with correct recognition.

All in all, agility training benefits athletes in many ways, such as built up stamina, increase results in minimum time, prevent injuries and shorten recovery time. All agility training benefits can only be noticed as long as the exercise are timmed and taken into consideration.